About us

Gino Grimbacher :

Born in Stuttgart / Germany,
I had the urge to explore the World already in my younger days.

 After finishing an education as a telecommunication mechanic in a big telephone company and studying radiotelecommunication afterwards
for two years, I joined the
German Merchant Marine
as an Radio- and Supplier-Officer and
sailed 14 years around the World on different types of freighters,

 but my biggest dream going around the World on a motorcycle never disappeared.


Renate Greulach :

My way of travelling –
packing a suitcase, hop on a flight and relax in the sun – changed when I met Gino in  1994, when he handed me his spare helmet and took me for a ride on
a sunny Sunday afternoon.

 We tested our teamspirit on a 4-weeks trip through the USA
and I recognized, that motorbike travelling became enthusiastic to me.

 Since then, together we saw
beautiful countries, met friendly and helpful people, high interesting cultures and
are still curious for more.

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