USA, the Centre
USA das Zentrum02

Travelled through:

Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky

On the road for:

6 weeks and 7 360 Kilometer

L Zentrum02

What would be a visit in the United States without having travelled on the world famous „Route 66“!
The Motherroad, as she is called, had been built in 1926 and she is 2448 miles in length, crosses 8 States and connects Chicago with Los Angeles.
No other road gives you a better impression of the variety of the United States.

We left Route 66 in Texas, but not without visiting the “Gateway Arch” in St.Louis; the “Dixie Truckers Home” in Mc Lean and
Anadarko in Oklahoma (here you get a lot of information about the Native Americans).

Everything is big in Texas “the Lone Star State”. Huge distances between the cities, giant big steaks in the “Big Texan Restaurant” in Amarillo and
huge farms and ranches (where the distance between the house and the mailbox could easily be 60 miles without leaving the property). Just out of  Amarillo, Mr. Stanley Marsh digged 10 Cadillacs built between 1949 and 1963 into the ground, in memory of the golden era. For tourists there are two reasons for visiting San Antonio. First is the legendary Alamo and second, because of the canal, running through town, it is also called “the Venice out of Europe”.

And not to forget to mention “Luckenbach”, the place to be for every Country-Music-Fan. Waylon Jennings doesn’t call Luckenbach a town in his
song, he calls it a feeling and dreams about going back to the basics of love, with “Waylon(Jennings),Willie(Nelson) and the boys.

On some good road maps you’ll find Luckenbach (road no. 1376), but you will never find a city sign. According to the residents (5) it is not worth it,
because as soon as they would have set it up and turned around, it would have been stolen again.

The town exist out of 3 houses: 1 residential home, 1 barn and the 3rd building contains a post office, a general store (where you find everything,
starting from medicine, clothing and up to items of daily use) and a bar, where the firemarshall and bar- tender “Jimmy Lee” plays the guitar and
sings old, new and self written songs for his customers. Of course every customer is allowed to do the same and quite often there is a good session
in and/or out of the bar going on., while drinking an ice cold beer.

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