USA, far North
USA der hohe Norden

Travelled through:

USA:       Illinois, Wisconsin,
                 Minnesota and Alaska
Canada: Ontario, Manitoba,
                 Saskatchewan, Alberta,
                 Yukon and British Columbia

On the road for:

7 weeks and 12 640 Kilometer

L hoher Norden

Again we started in Chicago. We travelled up north and crossed the border to Canada south of Winnipeg. From Winnipeg we followed the
Yellowhead-Highway, passed Saskatoon, Edmonton and Dawson Creek. The only change on this monotonous stretch are the colourful granary,
the World biggest easter egg in Vegreville ( built by the people of the Ukraine) and Edmonton, with his once biggest shopping center of the World.

Actually there is no reason for staying longer in Dawson Creek then buying provision and taking the compulsory picture of
the Historical Marker – Mile “0” of the Alaska- Highway. Following the Alaska-Highway, we passed beautiful landscape, crystal-clear rivers and
lakes; saw our first black bear and the further we got up north, traffic got less and we felt more being a part of the nature. A nice change on the long way
going north is Watson Lake. It is the 3rd biggest city of the Yukon Territory and because of the Watson Lake Signpost it is worldwide known.
Tourists from all over the world nail their number plates, signs of their hometown and even shoes to the wodden posts.
Since 1998 the number plate (S-T 252) of our motorcycle back in Germany is also (hopefully still) hanging there.

Dawson is the starting point of “the Top of the World Highway”. Here you really get the feeling that you’re able to reach for the clouds. This dreamlike
road brings you to the town Chicken ( 3 houses, 2 of them are toilets) and continues to Tok and to Fairbanks, the most northern point on our journey.

From now on we travelled south, but not before stopping at the most northern BMW-Dealer “George”.
A very special experience is his living room. He uses it as a museum, workshop and store-room for spareparts.

On our way to Anchorage, the biggest city in Alaska, we visited the Denali National Park, where we have seen our first grizzly-bear ( a mother with 3 kids) on our trip. At a spectacular sunset and close to the James Cook Statue, we decided to take the ferry from Valdes, through the Inside-Passage to
Prince Rupert. On the almost 2-days lasting cruise we found time enough to get in contact with other motorcyclists (like the 2 Americans Andy and Tom;
we visited them later in Los Angeles) and sharing experiences. As soon as the ferry had arrived, we went different ways, because we wanted to see the
World biggest Stampede in Calgary. Absolutly a highlight!
That is where we met for the first time Willie Nelson and Shania Twain (she was sitting next table and drinking a beer after her show, without having bodyguards gathered around her).

We had the Rodeo still in mind, when we reached Vancouver after 5 days and where we stopped our trip preliminary on our way going south.

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