South-America, Eastcoast

Travelled through:

Chile, Argentina and Brasil

On the road for:

6 weeks and  9 500 Kilometer

L. S.Amerika ost02

After a terrific New Years Party with another 40 international motorcyclist and fireworks to begin the new Millenium, we travelled back to the westcoast of Chile, because what would be a visit in the southern part of Chile without seeing the spectacular nature reserves. 85 miles north of Puerto Natales you’ll find the Torres del Paine National Park with the Fitz-Roy-Mountain Range and not far from Calafate thePerito-Moreno-Glacier (14 miles long
and 2.5 miles wide). It is something special to watch, if parts of the 200 feet high wall are breaking off and are falling under loud noises into the lake.

Once again we crossed the Andes to reach the Eastcoast of South-America. In Comodore Rivadavia we enjoyed the hospitality of the Argentines, who invited us to stay over night and prepared an Asado (BBQ) for us. Our last days in Patagonia, we had spent on the Peninsula Valdes, a nature resort,
where thousands of pinguins, sea-lions and sea-elephants are living.

On our way to Buenos Aires, we visited a motorcycle club in Azul, where long distance motocycle travellers are more than welcome.
Buenos Aires a gigantic metropolin at the Rio del la Plata. Next to its enormous cultivation offers, a metropolis with a very special flair.
As an absolutly must is the district Palermo ( with the nice renovated patrician houses and the narrow streets); the cementary Recoleta (with the
pompous burial places and Evita Peróns last place of rest); and of course the harbour district “La Boca” (with his colourful houses).

But here inBuenos Aires, we also had to say goodbye to our friends (Uwe from Germany, Marc from Great Britain and George from France)
who had travelled with us since Ushuaia.

On our own we continued to the countrycorner (Argentina, Paraguay, Brasil) to have a look at the Iquazu-Waterfalls. Over the up to 230 feet high
black basalt rocks, the water (up to 1,5 tons per second) is collapsing over cascades down into the horseshoe canyon. After Evelyn Roosevelt had seen
the Iquazu-Waterfalls for the first time, she could only say: “Poor Niagara-Falls”.

Still impressed, we started for our last stage on this trip. Over red dirtroads, well built highways and the winding roads along the coast line we reached
Rio de Janeiro in February 2000, the end of our 8 month lasting trip (we had started in Vancouver), but of course not, without visiting
the Sugarloaf, the Statue of Jesus Christ and the Copacabana.

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