Quickly Bj.: 1955 u. 1 Kw


Since 1970 I (Gino) travelled
nearly 150 000 Kilometer
with differend motorcycles
(a NSU-Quickly built 1955,
a DKW RT200 built 1951 and
a BMW R80/7 built 1980)
across Europe.



DKW RT200 Bj,; 1951 u. 8,5 PS

L Europa02
BMW R80 1

BMW R80/7 Bj.: 1980 u. 50 PS

It doesn’t always have to be “The Big Wide World”, there are also very charming spots in Germany and Europe!

 With my “Quickly” I started in the surroundings around my hometown “Stuttgart” with 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5 day trips into the near Black Forest,
to the Allgäu (region of Bavaria) and to the Lake of Constance.

 Since 1974 I ventured with my DKW RT200 to places a little further away, like Berlin, up to the North Sea and into the neighbouring countries
like Austria, France and Netherlands.

 After I had bought my BMW R80/7 in 1980, no distance between the borders of Europe has been to long for me.

Trips lasting a couple of weeks brought me into Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark; Great Britain and Scotland; into Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg; into the South of France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and into the Republic of Czechoslovakia.

 Because of the warm temperature, the good food, the lovely wine and the hospitality of the people I prefered travelling in the South of Europe:
Italy, Yugoslavia
and Greece with the Islands: Corfu, Crete, Naxos, Ios, Paros, Syros, Santorin and Mykonos.

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