Australia, the Eastcoast
Ostkueste Australien

Travelled through:

Victoria, New South Wales
and Queensland

On the road for:

6 weeks and 9 000 Kilometer

L Australien ost02

Already in February 2003 we came back to Merlbourne and our motorcycle was in the same good condition, as we had stored it in October 2002.

Two days later, George and his wife Evelyn rode with us into the Dandenongs (a smal park, where the sculptor Rickett set up his pottery. All his themes
had something to do with the Aboriginies and were integrated in the nature) and down to the Great Ocean Road. This road got famous, because of the bizarre rocky coast and with the spectacular and high rised rocky needles – the 12 apostles-. To bad that we could not admire them on a clear and sunny day. A little disappointed we hit the road, passing all kinds of climate zones, up to the most northern point of Australia – the Cape York.

 First we passed fruit and wine plants. After that, the Outback with his red dirt roads, the farms laying far apart, the thousands of flies (as soon as you stop, you’ll be covered) and the plenty dead kangeroos on the road, who jumped during nighttime into the spotlight of the cars or the up to 55 yards long
roadtrains(huge trucks with 3 trailers). The further we got North, the land turned hilly and green and in the tablelands it changed into rainforest, where
we have seen our first Cassowary (a very rare but colourful subspecies of a Emu). Because of heavy rain, the roads had been flooded and closed for
private cars, therfore after Cape Tribulation it was impossible to continue north.

From Cairns we made a boattrip out to Fizroy Island – absolutely a paradies -. The white shell- and coral-beach seperates the rainforest
(where white kakadus, colourful parrots, snackes and other animals are at home) from the deep blue sea.

 From Cairns we took the beautiful road southbound along the coast. Until Arlie Beach (once again we made a boat trip out to the “Great Barrier Reef”
for snorkeling) everything was all right, but the further we came South, the cities with their beautiful names like Rainbow Beach and Surfers Paradise
along the Sunshine Coast were crowded with tourists. Brisbane surprised us with its awsome Lone Pine Park and the Koala-Hospital, where they took very good care of the hurt animals and after they recovered, they have been released in the wilderness again. Of course we did not miss Sydney,
with its worldwide known Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Rocks, Kings Cross and the Sydney Tower (fabulous view).

After a couple relaxing days at Lakes Entrance and on the 90-mile Beach we finished our Australia Tour in Melbourne.

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