Asia, Russia
L Asien02

  Travelled through:               Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lihuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia                           
  Period on the road:             9 weeks and 16 000 Kilometres

In the year 2006 our long-wished dream – “riding on a motorcycle once around the World” - should come true. After we have travelled in
Europe, North- and South-America, Australia and Africa, Asia was on our list of wishes. Because of the political situation in the
south (Iran, Afghanistan, etc) we decided to take the northern route.

On June 11, we started in our hometown Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt/Germany and reached the same day the border to Czechoslovakia and
the capitol Prag, the “Golden City” next to the river Moldau. On our way up north, we passed through the major cities Warschau/Poland, Vilnius/Lithuania, Riga/Latvia and up to Tallin – the capitol of Estonia. From Tallin it was only about 120 kilomtres to the Russian Border.
On the last couple kilometres along the Gulf of Finland, all the horrible stories about our destination, mentioned by friends, people you know and
smart alecks, ran through our heads and also the fear, if we would make it through Russia, without knowing the language and as well,
if we would have all needed papers with us. Fears and thoughts, which had been absolutely unfounded.

After 3 hours at the Russian Border, we received our clearance and reached at the same day St.Petersburg. Astonished about the western standard
of the city and the countless highlights, we spent a couple of relaxing days in the city, before we hit the road for Moskow, a 10 million metropolis.
Lovingly called “Mummy Moscow” by the Russians. We have been totally amazed having a look at Moscow’s highlights (Red Square, Kremlin,
St. Basil’s Cathedral, etc
) and it would have been easy to spent another couple weeks there. But our stay also had a negative touch, because
Renate’s vacation had come to an end. She had to leave me and had to go back to Germany. From now on and the lasting 6 000 kilometres to
Vladivostok, I was on my own. Already the next morning I left Moscow heading east, passed through the Volga-Region, with its meadows, fields and
never ending prairie. Just after the city Perm, I passed through the Ural-Mountains, the celebrated division between Europe and Asia.
The undulating hills covered with birch and pine forest turned into the vast stretches of taiga just after the city Tumen. In the city Omsk I met Alexeji,
president of the local biker club. He immediately invited me to spend the evening with him and the guys in their own club house and also offered me
a place to stay for the night. A very very nice evening, and they gave me the feeling, sitting together with friends back home.

The hospitality is big, even if there is still a high poverty in Russia.

Lake Baikal – the pearl of Siberia – and World’s biggest fresh water lake, indeterminable distances, untouched nature and the readiness to help
from the domestic people, indemnify for the roads getting worse, the more you get east. Being a little bit under time pressure and not willing to risk
a crack in my motorcycle frame, I decided (including my bike) to take the Trans-Siberian-Railway from Chita to Chabarovsk.
Of course I insisted to go the last 900 kilomtres to Vladivostok on my bike.

The dream “Going in Stages around the World on a Motorcycle” came true in August 1st at 2 pm, when I passed the city limits of Vladivostok.

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